Beyonce, The Illuminati, and Michelle Obama

It appears that Beyonce is up to her old Illuminati shenanigans again.  Now she is allegedly conspiring with Mrs. Head of State, Michelle Obama.

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Stop hatin on Beyonce and Hov and Obama!  Black Illuminati

Is it just me, or have the Beyonce Illuminati gotten really stale and played out?
People are really over-reaching.

For example below is an open letter from Beyonce to First Lady Michelle Obama that someone took the time to concoct a conspiracy breakdown of.

michelle and beyonce in the illuminatiAs if it wasn't bad enough that anyone with basic video editing software is able to make their own Illuminati conspiracy video and post it on YouTube for the world to see now some anonymous person has "blessed" us with this version of Beyonce's "true intent" in her letter to the First Lady (complete with conspiracy version in red).

BTW if you still believe Beyonce is in the Illuminati you might wanna reconsider (because stuff like this makes these Illuminati allegations look crazy)...

“Greetings from Supreme Empress Sasha Fierce.”
is the ULTIMATE example of a truly strong African-American woman. She is a caring mother, she’s a loving wife, while at the same time, she is the FIRST LADY!!!!
“We plan to begin the final mollification of the masses with a joint tour between myself and Sun God HOVA. Instructions shall be relayed via an upcoming interview on Good Morning, America
No matter the pressure, and the stress of being under the microscope - she’s humble, loving and sincere.
“It is imperative that the your husband, Barack Osecretlyalizardman, win the 2012 election so he can finalize the preparations for the new world order.”
She builds and nurtures her family, while also looking out for so many millions in so many ways.
“Your iron rule of the Federation of Secret Lizard People is most admirable.”
Michelle, thank you so much for every single thing that you do for us - I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you, to look up to.
“If, for whatever reason, we Illuminati are compromised, I trust that you shall handle preparations for Blue Ivy’s ascent to her rightful role as grand unifier of the Illuminati and Lizard People.”

Michelle Obama actually responded back on Twitter with a sweet message thanking Bey.  I'm sure somebody could twist this message to fit some crazy agenda as well.

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Apparently Whitney Houston's Death Has Been Linked To Beyonce and The Illuminati

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Will the theories ever stop?

No, apparently they are not stopping or slowing down.  Some conspiracy theorists are claiming that Whitney Houston was killed as a sacrifice for Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby, Blue Ivy Carter (according to many she is the spawn of Satan, lol).  Honestly, this stuff is wild but I listed some of the things I have found circulating around the internet below.

These are not MY IDEAS...

Personally I think everyone needs to concentrate on themselves instead of speculating about these celebrities.

Whitney's Death Linked To Illuminati As A Sacrifice For Beyonce's Child by ceomike: 9:04am On Feb 19
beyonce and jay z illuminati blue ivy 
Whitney Houston is the latest victim of a yet another conspiracy theory regarding the Illuminati. Houston’s sudden death on Saturday has caused some to theorize that it was, in fact, murder at the hands of the Illuminati. Some even think this “sacrifice” was made so Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby, Blue Ivy, could live.

Whitney Houston is the latest victim of a yet another conspiracy theory regarding the Illuminati. Houston’s sudden death on Saturday has caused some to theorize that it was, in fact, murder at the hands of the Illuminati.

Is your head spinning yet?

Blue Ivy Carter is Eulb Yvi

Back on Jan. 7, when Blue Ivy Carter was born, a rumor spread like wildfire that she was actually the spawn of Satan. This theory alleges that Blue Ivy is a reworking of the name Eulb Yvi, which Twitter users and other conspiracy theorists allege is the name of Satan’s daughter, though there has been no evidence to prove such a concept. “Jay-Z & Beyonce named their daughter Ivy Blue, Ivy Blue = Eulb Yvi, which was the name of lucifer’s daughter in Latin!” Twitteruser MrZou posted, perpetuating the story.

Like us on Facebook Another unbacked theory claims that numerology explains an occult or Illuminati connection between Blue Ivy Carter and Satanism. “Ivy (position in alphabet) – I=9 V=22 Y=25 – 2+2+2+5=11 – 11×9=99 – flip 99 round and add another 6 and you get 666 :O #Illuminati,” tweeted @Merkzbeatbox.
Now, Whitney Houston’s death is being linked to both the Illuminati and Blue Ivy Carter.

Vice magazine, known for its satirical wit and caustic editorials, compiled the multiple conspiracy theories surrounding Houston’s death–including numerology, murder and even Madonna.

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Whitney Houston’s Death

Here are just some paraphrases of the theories laid out in painstaking detail onVice’s Web site:

The occult point to the numerology of Houston’s passing. “Do you think its [sic] ironik [sic] she died in 2012 at the age of 48, 4 + 8 = 12!!! Illuminati like to do these sorts of things as a death ritual as they believe everything has to be done on a certain day,” read one post in Vice’s assemblage.
Some are saying the 11th is an occult date, with other famous people like Bob Marley, Alexander McQueen and Sylvia Plath dying on that day.

Nicki Minaj’s outfit to the 2012 Grammys had a face embroidered on the skirt in black beads. Conspiracy theorists think this was Whitney Houston’s.
Blue Ivy needed a blood sacrifice.
Conspiracy Theories Abound