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  1. How much tangible proof do you have? I must say this an interesting thought, and a far cry from its pivotal origin. I'm interested.

  2. Hello. I came across your video commenting on the TRIANGLE hand signs that Beyoncé flashes. It has to do with the ability of the subconscious left hemisphere of the human mind to be able to communicate with Dark spiritual forces. This is why so many celebrities jerk around with their left eye as well (covering it up; hanging hand-sign of circle around it; and so on). The ultimate proof is in the INVERTED Equilateral Triangle that is shaded around the left eye of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. It's identified via Sacred Geometry. I just did an amateurish presentation on it in attempt to chop through it all working to make sense of it. Difficult abs challenging indeed. Here it is in 2 videos (about 60 minutes in total)

  3. Its the Earth Goddess, Thank you Bee, for your love and hard work!!!!