Beyonce and the Alleged Illuminati Hollywood Connections

illuminati sign beyonce

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the front page article on Yahoo featuring Beyonce and other Hollywood stars with alleged Illuminati connections here.

Many people believe that Beyonce wields more than just the power of influence of a pop star.  Feel free to sound off below with your opinion.

Here are some more photos of other stars from the Yahoo article.

gaga illuminati sign

rihanna illuminati
Personally, I don't think it's true.  I mean wasn't the whole purpose of having a secret society to keep it a SECRET?

If everyone knows about it then it is no longer a secret society.  If you were famous and you knew that making a little hand gesture or wearing a symbol would make the internet go nuts and keep your name relevant you would more than likely be doing the same thing.

Remember the people who own the corporations that pretty much run the world make billions of dollars.  They make enough money to write the little signature at the bottom of Beyonce and Jay-Z's checks.  In other words they make enough money to pay them just like everybody else.

Those are the real bosses and nobody sees them or knows what the look like because they pay to stay off of TV and out of the news.