What Do You Think? Is Beyonce In The Illuminati?

is beyonce in the illuminati

Beyonce.  Illuminati.  What do these two words have in common?  Apparently a lot lately as speculation has been building phenomenally over the last few years about her royal highness Beyonce, and the Illuminati.  Accusations are coming from all angles and even the media has picked up on the speculation about Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z's involvement with the clandestine organization that allegedly runs the world.

At first these allegations started out as the chatter of internet conspiracy theorists but the questions have snowballed into the mainstream media and now has become common talk amongst people who four years ago never even heard of the Illuminati.  It doesn't help that every time Beyonce makes a video she appears to have numerous occult symbols for the conspiracy theorists to feed off of.

Her songs are broken down lyric by lyric and examined for the hidden meanings.  There are sites and videos all over the internet that have frame by frame breakdowns of Beyonce's Illuminati symbols in her songs.  Some people claim to have "exposed" or "decoded" the meaning behind Beyonce and Jay-Z naming their baby Blue Ivy (more on that later).

beyonce and the illuminati

Everywhere you turn now references are being made to Beyonce and the Illuminati.  Even the tabloids have taken to asking the question is Beyonce in the Illuminati.  For every hand position or symbol made by Beyonce, Illuminati connections are implicated.  The clothing and earrings Beyonce wears also serve as proof that Beyonce is in the Illuminati.

You can't fault people for making these assumptions though.  Beyonce is using a lot of occult symbols in her music videos.  The question is, are these decisions being made by her or the people who direct the videos?  To answer this question and get down to the truth about Beyonce and the Illuminati lets discuss briefly who the Illuminati are.

Beyonce and the Illuminati.  What's the Connection?

The majority of people who are online searching for info about Beyonce and the Illuminati are not completely well-informed as to who or what the “Illuminati” actually is.  This is because many of the outlets and people disseminating information about the “Illuminati” are only giving out bits and pieces of information that fit into their own agendas.  Most of the information “exposing” people as a part of the Illuminati is coming from a Christian point of view that attacks anything perceived as non-Christian by calling it Satan worshipping.
For example if Beyonce has on a shirt that says “I love ancient Egypt” the assumption is of course that Beyonce is Illuminati and she worships the devil.  Or Beyonce is an Illuminati puppet being used to help control everyone’s mind.
In order to come close to an understanding on this topic Is Beyonce Illuminati we have to attempt to understand what the actual term “Illuminati” refers to.  Who are the Illuminati and why should you care?  Is the Illuminati in the industry.   Is the illuminati in the music industry using pop stars as puppets to control people?

beyonce illuminati
Beyonce bringing in the New World Order
According to Wikipedia, illuminati, the plural of illuminatus (meaning enlightened) was a name given to several groups.  The original was started in Europe in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a Bavarian.  The orders were set up in the same manner as freemasonry and included numerous well-known members who were diplomats and aristocrats.  Initiates pledged a vow of secrecy.  The real aim of the Illuminati was to form the intellectual and political elite of society.  Many of the Illuminati plans and structure became publicly known because several publications by the groups were seized and released do to political unrest and infighting within the group.
Rulers in Europe tried to break up and ban the Illuminati however many masonic origins today still bear the title illuminati in their name and claim to be the modern heir to the original Bavarian Illuminati.  This is why it’s not exactly a “conspiracy” to assume that the Illuminati still exist.

Modern conspiracy theory places responsibility on the Illuminati for many occurences such as JFK’s assassination, international war, population control, the French Revolution, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  This is all a part of the ploy for a New World Order.  They also believe that Hollywood has been infiltrated and that symbols and subliminal messages in the film industry are being used to control the masses.
Guys like David Icke, Texe Mars, and Alex Jones have been talking about this for years however things started getting more unusual a few years ago as they all started to talk about the Illuminati in the industry, in particular the Illuminati in the music industry.  What’s even stranger is the fact that they have been concentrated on pop music in general with a focus on rap and black R&B artists.

Modern conspiracy theory claims that the term “Illuminati” is used for an elite society which supposedly became systematized in order to plot worldwide major events and control world governments and corporations from behind the scenes in order to bring in to power a New World Order.

Have the Beyonce Illuminati Rumors Gone Too Far?

is beyonce in the illuminati blue ivy
People are breaking down the name of Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby as further proof of their Illuminati connections.  Look at the picture to see what I'm talking about.  Allegedly the name "Blue Ivy" is code word for Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati's Very Youngest.  A bit of a stretch if you ask me but it's possible.  There's a big controversy as to whether or not Beyonce was actually pregnant as well.  You could see it as Illuminati games being played out but I would remind you of the old saying in Hollywood, "There's No Such Thing As Bad Publicity."  You know what that means right?  As long as people are talking about you that means you are relevant.

A good question that we all should ask ourselves is do we really believe that an elite group that is in “control” of the world needs to employ someone such as Beyonce to manipulate people through her music?  I’m not counting out the possibility because anything is possible but I don’t honestly believe Beyonce is Illuminati.  I’m not even saying there is no influence of the Illuminati in the industry but I think ultimately we have bigger fish to fry.

If someone is really worried about this alleged group that controls the world then why start with Beyonce and the Illuminati?  Why not aim higher up the food chain or higher up the power scale?  Does Beyonce control the food supply, make laws, or anything else on this grand of a scale that really affects anyone’s lives?  Of course the answer to that question is no.

beyonce illuminati
Some "genious" was actually trying to make the connection that Beyonce is Illuminati because she wore this on her trip to Egypt.  LOL.  Come on!  Since when was Egypt evil?

Anytime Beyonce does Something not Perceived as "Christian" or Something Outside of the Norm, in Other Words, Something Occult Everyone Assumes Beyonce is in the Illuminati.

 Just because we don't understand something that does not automatically make it evil.  It is easy for people to present something that is unknown to us as evil though. This is because we all have our own prejudices based on our upbringing and what we have been exposed to.
is beyonce illuminati roc sign 
A lot of people think Beyonce is Illuminati because they see pictures of her with symbols such as the pyramid, the “all seeing eye”, also known as the “eye of Horus”, and also the “roc” sign she makes with her hand that stands for her husband Jay-Z’s record label (symbol of a diamond or pyramid depending on who you ask).  You will find tons of websites and videos online telling you that these are the symbols of the Illuminati which leads to further accusations by fans about Beyonce in the Illuminati.

A very important fact that most people do not understand is that many of these symbols are from ancient Egypt.  These symbols are not evil.  Just because someone is into ancient Egyptian culture it does not automatically imply that they worship the devil.  To assume so is coming from a restricted (usually Christian) point of view that demonizes whatever does not fit easily within its social construct.
Another good example of this is Madonna.  She is into studying Kaballah, which is the mysticism, or hidden meaning behind Judaism.  It is not evil!  In actuality Kaballah is the esoteric form of Judaism and is high spirituality.  It’s like when someone wants to graduate from mainstream religion and find out the real pathway to their creator.  For example, Christianity has an esoteric form called gnostism.  In Islam it is called Sufism.

Now back to ancient Egyptian culture.  Ancient Egyptian spiriituality was actually based off of principles of love, truth, and universal law.  It’s perfectly natural for someone like Jay-Z, Kanye West, or Beyonce to gravitate towards ancient Egyptian culture as they may be seeking their African roots.  This is not unique or exceptional as many African Americans seeking their African history look to the magnificence of ancient Egypt with pride.

Taking this into context, you can’t look down on Kanye West for example for wearing a chain with Horus.  (If you do some research you will find out that Horus was an ancient form of Jesus who predated Jesus by thousands of years.  There are over a dozen recorded Christ figures throughout history).

Another thing that has everyone asking "is Beyonce Illuminati" is all of the occult symbols used in her videos and her husband’s clothing line called Rocawear.  Honestly I don’t see any problem with Beyonce being into the occult.  That does not automatically qualify Beyonce for the Illuminati.  According to Wikipedia, the word occult comes from the Latin word occultus which refers to "knowledge of the hidden".

There is not anything immoral or wrong with yearning to increase your understanding over knowledge that is hidden.  Without getting to deep into this subject the study of Kaballah, Jewish mysticism or any other spiritual system for that matter does not certify someone as evil or a devil worshiper.  It actually shows that maybe the person in question is beginning to throw off the shackles of the belief system they were born into and beginning to seek a deeper spiritual understanding of the universe.
Most people do not understand what the occult is so they in turn automatically assume that anything "occult" is associated with evil.  In this line of thinking Beyonce is Illuminati and seen as evil because the person viewing the occult symbols she shows off does not understand them.  Most of the videos and websites "exposing" (I use that term VERY lightly) Beyonce and the Illuminati are coming from a very close-minded, very Christian, fear-mongering point of view.

These videos and sites use overly one-dimensional generalizations such as "Beyonce is using the eye of Horus so she's evil!"  "See the head of baphomet on her shirt, Beyonce is an Illuminati puppet!"  These are blatantly unenlightened and simple-minded observations that are used to make the case that Beyonce is Illuminati because she is doing stuff that you don't recognize from church.

To wrap this up I would have to say that I do not believe Beyonce is Illumaniti, Illuminati puppet, or a devil worshipper.  I think Beyonce and Jay-Z are capitalizing off of the extra attention and who could blame them.  Stars need to stay in the spotlight.  As big time music artists they also need to keep an edge to their image.  What's more "bad boy" or "bad girl" than being in the Big Bad Illuminati.  Secret world leaders.

It's hilarious and they are laughing all the way to the bank.  These two are living the life and relaxing on a yacht or island somewhere while the rest of the world is wondering if Beyonce is in the Illuminati.

is beyonce in the illuminati


Beyonce Lemonade | Esoteric Breakdown | Occult Meaning | Metaphysical Perspective

beyonce lemonade ritual esoteric meaning

Metaphysical Breakdown of Beyonce's Lemonade | Lemon-aid

By Sakkara Ali

I thought I should absorb the light and allow the power to soak into my universe before I spoke out on the visual that was so well put together in this epic ritual.  As an initiate, I was working on my own rituals that were in alignment (with the energy behind the Lemonade video) as well as many sisters of the same Light were all at the same time working on their own personal rituals. The synchronicity and timing of this video and simultaneous rituals being carried out nationwide was astonishing and indeed will be proven effective.

As the offerings were excepted and overstood I smiled and breathed as one with the Earth. While petty, adolescent minds went on (and on) about how Beyonce was going crazy because Jay-Z was cheating on her, I read between the lines.  Lol.  Although the big picture was missed by the masses I am thankful that they all carried the message world wide faster then ever before through the world wide web.  No news spreads like bad news, so gossipers and the media alike love spreading news of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s supposed relationship troubles.

So this video spreading so quickly across the globe means that, yes, even the unwilling and the unknowing participated in the Rise of the New Christ.  No, this video story was not about Bey and Jay’s relationship.  Instead, on a much deeper level, it was about all women and all men. It was about our nation and its place on this land. It was about The Black Man forgetting his leadership roles and forgetting how to love his women, because only through her can he create his God-Self.

The Black Man fell in to a trap.  He fell in love with the white man’s temptations of false life and love in order to take his Black Queen, which happens to be the only way life can exist on this planet.  “Capture the queen and own the game.”  Black men thought it was empowering to be with white women, even though the white man only ever wanted to have direct access to the black pussy, so that they can claim the land through the planting of their own seeds. For the white man it is business, and for the black man it is a game.  But in this world only boys play games and men they take over shit. 

lil kim self hate
confusion and self-hatred
The Black Man is in love with the European features all while the Europeans are killing themselves to be more Afro-like in body shape, skin tone, facial features, and hair volume.  And while men are battling physically, the women are stuck in the middle trying to play along, trying to be what every man wants; beautiful, sexy, smart, classy, nasty, motherly, slutty, etc.  The woman is thoroughly confused, frustrated with the bullshit, and will unite to shut you down if you don't fall in to your God-Self!

The pussy is conscious and frustrated because applying fake hair, wearing makeup, and changing to be accepted by her man and fit in with the white standard of beauty is altering our DNA.  BUT this is also waking up the ancient ones~.

lemonade video beyonce oshun
Oshun coming through!

In the video this point is when the Orisha of love and romance is call upon to come into our current state and do what she does.  OSHUN (the Orisha of love and romance) comes out with her healing waters as lovely as she can be in her sweet, yellow honey.   

beyonce ankh sekhemet lemonadeThen we go into the next offering to OYA, the mother of of completion, 9 (2016 = 9)! Oya, is also the ruler of the whirlwinds.  Beyonce, as the Egyptian goddess Sekhemet, explodes in rage, making sure all is overstood, all while rocking the key to life around her neck, the Egyptian ankh!  I love it! Now Oya is the ruler of the whirlwinds, and that is where our ancestors live and can communicate with us in this physical plane of existence.


Beyonce and the Alleged Illuminati Hollywood Connections

illuminati sign beyonce

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the front page article on Yahoo featuring Beyonce and other Hollywood stars with alleged Illuminati connections here.

Many people believe that Beyonce wields more than just the power of influence of a pop star.  Feel free to sound off below with your opinion.

Here are some more photos of other stars from the Yahoo article.

gaga illuminati sign

rihanna illuminati
Personally, I don't think it's true.  I mean wasn't the whole purpose of having a secret society to keep it a SECRET?

If everyone knows about it then it is no longer a secret society.  If you were famous and you knew that making a little hand gesture or wearing a symbol would make the internet go nuts and keep your name relevant you would more than likely be doing the same thing.

Remember the people who own the corporations that pretty much run the world make billions of dollars.  They make enough money to write the little signature at the bottom of Beyonce and Jay-Z's checks.  In other words they make enough money to pay them just like everybody else.

Those are the real bosses and nobody sees them or knows what the look like because they pay to stay off of TV and out of the news.


Beyonce, The Illuminati, and Michelle Obama

It appears that Beyonce is up to her old Illuminati shenanigans again.  Now she is allegedly conspiring with Mrs. Head of State, Michelle Obama.

beyonce illuminati obama
Stop hatin on Beyonce and Hov and Obama!  Black Illuminati

Is it just me, or have the Beyonce Illuminati gotten really stale and played out?
People are really over-reaching.

For example below is an open letter from Beyonce to First Lady Michelle Obama that someone took the time to concoct a conspiracy breakdown of.

michelle and beyonce in the illuminatiAs if it wasn't bad enough that anyone with basic video editing software is able to make their own Illuminati conspiracy video and post it on YouTube for the world to see now some anonymous person has "blessed" us with this version of Beyonce's "true intent" in her letter to the First Lady (complete with conspiracy version in red).

BTW if you still believe Beyonce is in the Illuminati you might wanna reconsider (because stuff like this makes these Illuminati allegations look crazy)...

“Greetings from Supreme Empress Sasha Fierce.”
is the ULTIMATE example of a truly strong African-American woman. She is a caring mother, she’s a loving wife, while at the same time, she is the FIRST LADY!!!!
“We plan to begin the final mollification of the masses with a joint tour between myself and Sun God HOVA. Instructions shall be relayed via an upcoming interview on Good Morning, America
No matter the pressure, and the stress of being under the microscope - she’s humble, loving and sincere.
“It is imperative that the your husband, Barack Osecretlyalizardman, win the 2012 election so he can finalize the preparations for the new world order.”
She builds and nurtures her family, while also looking out for so many millions in so many ways.
“Your iron rule of the Federation of Secret Lizard People is most admirable.”
Michelle, thank you so much for every single thing that you do for us - I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you, to look up to.
“If, for whatever reason, we Illuminati are compromised, I trust that you shall handle preparations for Blue Ivy’s ascent to her rightful role as grand unifier of the Illuminati and Lizard People.”

Michelle Obama actually responded back on Twitter with a sweet message thanking Bey.  I'm sure somebody could twist this message to fit some crazy agenda as well.

michelle tweet beyonce


Apparently Whitney Houston's Death Has Been Linked To Beyonce and The Illuminati

beyonce illuminati back at it

Will the theories ever stop?

No, apparently they are not stopping or slowing down.  Some conspiracy theorists are claiming that Whitney Houston was killed as a sacrifice for Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby, Blue Ivy Carter (according to many she is the spawn of Satan, lol).  Honestly, this stuff is wild but I listed some of the things I have found circulating around the internet below.

These are not MY IDEAS...

Personally I think everyone needs to concentrate on themselves instead of speculating about these celebrities.

Whitney's Death Linked To Illuminati As A Sacrifice For Beyonce's Child by ceomike: 9:04am On Feb 19
beyonce and jay z illuminati blue ivy 
Whitney Houston is the latest victim of a yet another conspiracy theory regarding the Illuminati. Houston’s sudden death on Saturday has caused some to theorize that it was, in fact, murder at the hands of the Illuminati. Some even think this “sacrifice” was made so Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby, Blue Ivy, could live.

Whitney Houston is the latest victim of a yet another conspiracy theory regarding the Illuminati. Houston’s sudden death on Saturday has caused some to theorize that it was, in fact, murder at the hands of the Illuminati.

Is your head spinning yet?

Blue Ivy Carter is Eulb Yvi

Back on Jan. 7, when Blue Ivy Carter was born, a rumor spread like wildfire that she was actually the spawn of Satan. This theory alleges that Blue Ivy is a reworking of the name Eulb Yvi, which Twitter users and other conspiracy theorists allege is the name of Satan’s daughter, though there has been no evidence to prove such a concept. “Jay-Z & Beyonce named their daughter Ivy Blue, Ivy Blue = Eulb Yvi, which was the name of lucifer’s daughter in Latin!” Twitteruser MrZou posted, perpetuating the story.

Like us on Facebook Another unbacked theory claims that numerology explains an occult or Illuminati connection between Blue Ivy Carter and Satanism. “Ivy (position in alphabet) – I=9 V=22 Y=25 – 2+2+2+5=11 – 11×9=99 – flip 99 round and add another 6 and you get 666 :O #Illuminati,” tweeted @Merkzbeatbox.
Now, Whitney Houston’s death is being linked to both the Illuminati and Blue Ivy Carter.

Vice magazine, known for its satirical wit and caustic editorials, compiled the multiple conspiracy theories surrounding Houston’s death–including numerology, murder and even Madonna.

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Whitney Houston’s Death

Here are just some paraphrases of the theories laid out in painstaking detail onVice’s Web site:

The occult point to the numerology of Houston’s passing. “Do you think its [sic] ironik [sic] she died in 2012 at the age of 48, 4 + 8 = 12!!! Illuminati like to do these sorts of things as a death ritual as they believe everything has to be done on a certain day,” read one post in Vice’s assemblage.
Some are saying the 11th is an occult date, with other famous people like Bob Marley, Alexander McQueen and Sylvia Plath dying on that day.

Nicki Minaj’s outfit to the 2012 Grammys had a face embroidered on the skirt in black beads. Conspiracy theorists think this was Whitney Houston’s.
Blue Ivy needed a blood sacrifice.
Conspiracy Theories Abound