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beyonce lemonade ritual esoteric meaning

Metaphysical Breakdown of Beyonce's Lemonade | Lemon-aid

By Sakkara Ali

I thought I should absorb the light and allow the power to soak into my universe before I spoke out on the visual that was so well put together in this epic ritual.  As an initiate, I was working on my own rituals that were in alignment (with the energy behind the Lemonade video) as well as many sisters of the same Light were all at the same time working on their own personal rituals. The synchronicity and timing of this video and simultaneous rituals being carried out nationwide was astonishing and indeed will be proven effective.

As the offerings were excepted and overstood I smiled and breathed as one with the Earth. While petty, adolescent minds went on (and on) about how Beyonce was going crazy because Jay-Z was cheating on her, I read between the lines.  Lol.  Although the big picture was missed by the masses I am thankful that they all carried the message world wide faster then ever before through the world wide web.  No news spreads like bad news, so gossipers and the media alike love spreading news of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s supposed relationship troubles.

So this video spreading so quickly across the globe means that, yes, even the unwilling and the unknowing participated in the Rise of the New Christ.  No, this video story was not about Bey and Jay’s relationship.  Instead, on a much deeper level, it was about all women and all men. It was about our nation and its place on this land. It was about The Black Man forgetting his leadership roles and forgetting how to love his women, because only through her can he create his God-Self.

The Black Man fell in to a trap.  He fell in love with the white man’s temptations of false life and love in order to take his Black Queen, which happens to be the only way life can exist on this planet.  “Capture the queen and own the game.”  Black men thought it was empowering to be with white women, even though the white man only ever wanted to have direct access to the black pussy, so that they can claim the land through the planting of their own seeds. For the white man it is business, and for the black man it is a game.  But in this world only boys play games and men they take over shit. 

lil kim self hate
confusion and self-hatred
The Black Man is in love with the European features all while the Europeans are killing themselves to be more Afro-like in body shape, skin tone, facial features, and hair volume.  And while men are battling physically, the women are stuck in the middle trying to play along, trying to be what every man wants; beautiful, sexy, smart, classy, nasty, motherly, slutty, etc.  The woman is thoroughly confused, frustrated with the bullshit, and will unite to shut you down if you don't fall in to your God-Self!

The pussy is conscious and frustrated because applying fake hair, wearing makeup, and changing to be accepted by her man and fit in with the white standard of beauty is altering our DNA.  BUT this is also waking up the ancient ones~.

lemonade video beyonce oshun
Oshun coming through!

In the video this point is when the Orisha of love and romance is call upon to come into our current state and do what she does.  OSHUN (the Orisha of love and romance) comes out with her healing waters as lovely as she can be in her sweet, yellow honey.   

beyonce ankh sekhemet lemonadeThen we go into the next offering to OYA, the mother of of completion, 9 (2016 = 9)! Oya, is also the ruler of the whirlwinds.  Beyonce, as the Egyptian goddess Sekhemet, explodes in rage, making sure all is overstood, all while rocking the key to life around her neck, the Egyptian ankh!  I love it! Now Oya is the ruler of the whirlwinds, and that is where our ancestors live and can communicate with us in this physical plane of existence.

“Look for me in the whirlwinds.” Marcus Garvey said it,   and so did Bob Marley and Tupac.  Need I say more?  They can hear us and some of us can hear them, even in the midst of this world of dense distractions, we are still connected.

beyonce serena williams lemonade
In the next clip, you see the beauty of the Black Woman, strong and ready, represented by Serena Williams. This is followed by the bust of Nefertiti (Beyonce with arms behind her back) stating remember our greatness.  No matter how low you have fallen everything comes back full circle.  When you are ready to rule nothing can stop you. 

beyonce baron samedi lemonadeBlack Man, if you don't want me, the natural me, go call Becky with the good hair.  Go make the white woman your woman and lose your place.  WE will get it done either way.  The Queen Mother Goddess is in Full Moon cycle, and will no longer be taking the blame.  It’s time to demand and take what is ours.  With the opener of the way rocking the Top Hat, we have Baron Samedi (a Loa of Haitian Vodou), accompanied by the power of Esu, bringing double masculine energy of the red and black.

beyonce lemonade red voodoo ritualThe black limo shows the strength and the fire blazes the entry way as the new and cleansed energy of the Black Women is allowed to pass.  Through the fiery doorway she is reborn (the Phoenix)! The five Great Orisha energies or Chakras come alive.  All while respect is paid to the late, great ancestor, Isaac Hayes.

A great important message is aimed at our daughters, to learn from their mothers, gain wisdom while not to following the old path, and punish the ones that stole our greatness and turned our men into boys.  All this happened in just the first 30 minutes into the video.  Wow.

Lemon-Aid Ritual Master Cleanse

Beyonce famously used the lemon cleanse to lose a lot of weight
yemaja beyonce lemonade ritualNext was straight ritual, classic magic... waking up the Black Womb-Man energy to raise the mental state of the Black Women from the dead, sick, & crazy place that this world and white supremacy is killing us with. This new energy will allow women to fill this emptiness with purpose, passion, and love.  This ritual is reassured with offerings to the Goddess of the Sea, Yemaja, keeper of all secrets and Queen Mother of indigenous life.

In the next scene we witness the surrender of this life to gain the New Kingdom that’s waiting to be created.  The white flag sways in the winds, as the dress Beyonce is wearing becomes visual for the forth-bringing of peace, love, and justice through the Great Father, Obatala.

So first we were dealing with the Mother forces, and then with the Father.  Now when the masculine and feminine energy comes together in agreement a baby is born.  New life comes forth, new energy is created to carry the new nation that came out of our crucified sons, fathers, and brothers, that were murdered by the enemy.  Hence the images of the brothers that were murdered by the po-po’s (police/race soldiers).
police shootings beyonce lemonade

They will have justice.  They did not die in vain, for Yemaja accepts the offering, and out of the creativity and drive of Black Women, comes something out of the worst situation that we were given.  This is how to make lemon-aid.  This is how we make lemon-aid.

This is how we made soul food.  This is how we made holidays, birthdays, and everyday special, even when we were/are in pain, broke, and only worth $5.00. We are the only ones on the planet that have the ability to do this. Yes, we can make something out of nothing.  We’ve been doing it forever.  So to all my sisters, imagine big and focus your intent, and Your Will Be Done! 

beyonce lemonade orishas 7 chakras

The closing of the ritual is concluded with an elder speaking at her 90th solar return (9) to complete the balance, reassuring that nothing real can be threatened.  So now that time is set back to the beginning, the 7 powers, (Chakras/Orishas) are spinning as one.  The circulation is free-flowing and clean.  New beginning in a New Day! So hold on to this feeling of love and remember what we have come through so that it can last forever!  Axe!

Peace and Blessings,

Sakkara Ali


  1. You are highly intelligent! I appreciate your perception of what the lemon-aid mini movie really mean, thank u

  2. If you believe that then you're lost..
    This ain't about black people or white folks. This is straight Witchcraft Beyonce taking a stand and letting the world know that she's one of the top players in the Ritual Clan... just like all the other RAPPERS AND CELEBRITIES ADMITTING IT NOW IN DAYS...

  3.’s witchcraft...used as propaganda to make Beyonce rich that’s it, You’re a fool if you think she cares anything about you about our race or anyone else that matter except for the lIlluminati puppet masters in which she serves.